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Luxury Bespoke Furniture

Luxury Furniture are experienced specialists in creating bespoke hand-carved items of furniture in our  workshop. We are dedicated and passionate about our work and we want to ensure that you don’t just become a customer, but a treasured and long-time friend. Every single item of furniture is made to your exact specifications to make certain that each piece we create is unique and special. From the very start, our dedicated and professional design team will work with you to visualise and design your dream piece of furniture. There is no design too big or too small that we won’t help you create and then turn into a reality. Your design is then passed to our expert carpentry craftsmen as they bring that design to life using traditional and highly skilled methods. We take great care in everything that we do and we want you to feel like you are included in the whole process. We can create grand traditional pieces of bespoke furniture with intricate details carved into the wood or we can make a contemporary one of a kind item that will become the focal talking point within your home.

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At Luxury Furniture our skilled carpenters have over 18 years’ experience of crafting bespoke items made from wood. The team will the sculpt, carve and mould the wood using traditional techniques to ensure that the perfect piece of furniture is made just for you.  We have a range of different types of wood available to us. However, if there is a specific type of wood that you envisage your furniture to be created from, then speak to a member of our team and they will be happy to either try and source the wood for you or suggest a suitable alternative.

Our beautiful hand carved furniture includes a variety of items, such as tables,  beds, door panels, one off small designs and many more.  We are always happy to try something new and our team are always eager to make near impossible dream furniture creations come true.


Luxury Furniture can create any bespoke collection of tables for you such as side tables, dining tables and coffee tables. We are more than happy create a grand traditional table or stylish contemporary table. All of our tables are bespoke as they are made just for you.

Car Beds

One our most popular items is a car themed bed for adults. If you have ever wanted to own a Bentley, Porsche or any other type of classic car, then we can hand carve it for you to meet your exact specifications. At Luxury Furniture we will tailor your car bed requirements to match your design brief and ensure that every detail of that car is hand carved into your bed.

Door Panels

If you are renovating your home or you have a door that needs replacing then Luxury furniture can either a single door or a whole range to fit perfectly with the overall design of your house. Our design team will  help you to create those special doors and You will have stunning custom-made doors.

Other Items

Luxury Furniture don’t just make large items, we can also make one off special requests. These special requests can include items such as a lavish and stunning jewellery box with intricate carved design to set this bespoke item apart from anything else.

For that extraordinary touch of elegance, you might want a gold or silver leaf finish, and we can provide this. Our finishing team are skilled and qualified in producing lavish guild finishes. Providing a unique guild finish will not only set your bespoke furniture apart, but it will make it shine. If you don’t want a gold leaf finish then just speak to a member of our design team and they can arrange for a metal finish or traditional wood staining finish for your luxury bespoke furniture. Regardless of the type of finish that you choose, you can be assured that a high quality and luxurious piece of furniture will be created in line with your exacting instructions.

The types of wood that we use can vary quite widely, but the most popular types have included, cherry, maple, walnut, beech, oak and mahogany. If you require a certain type of wood for your bespoke furniture piece, then feel free to discuss it with a member of our design team and they will be happy to look into this for you.

If you have been thinking about having a bespoke piece of furniture designed or you have an idea in mind and you need a certain table, bed or door to suit a decorative style in one your rooms, then contact Luxury Furniture. Will won’t just make a piece of bespoke furniture for you, we will create a luxury unit that can become a family heirloom and be enjoyed by generations to come.

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